KEYS : CHOSEN ONE 1 كتاب باللغة العربية

KEYS : CHOSEN ONE 1 كتاب باللغة العربية

KEYS : CHOSEN ONE 1 كتاب تنزيل مجاني باللغة العربية

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He always comes with the light, a story of Hareez take place in those shadows, in a creation full of secret groupings and communities whom fight. . .  since ancient milestones under darkness to destroy the compassion. With increasing squirt of darkness, a loyal defender   Indicate.


KEYS : CHOSEN ONE 1 تحميل الكتاب الاليكتروني المجاني على اللغة العربية

  • مؤلف:
  • الناشر: Al Hudhud Publishing and Distribution
  • تاريخ النشر:
  • التغطية: Hardcover
  • لغة:
  • ISBN-10: 9789948138815
  • ISBN-13:
  • الأبعاد:
  • وزن:
  • غلاف:
  • سلسلة: N/A
  • درجة:
  • عمر:
  • مؤلف:
  • السعر: $3.40

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KEYS : CHOSEN ONE 1 تحميل الكتاب الاليكتروني المجاني على اللغة العربية

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I picked this book up from a street vendor in Mumbai two months into my trip around India. I had been reading post-colonial Indian epics back to back since I arrived in the sub-continent and after finishing the gut-wrenching A Fine Balance I finally reached a point where my emotional wellbeing couldn't take another tale of poverty and woe whilst bearing witness to it in the real world as well. So I eagerly dove into what I thought would be an unusual contemporary American tale... Fifty pages in I got to the part about the invasion of Smyrna and the atrocities committed therein and I promptly gave up and instead sourced a copy of Lucky Jim for comedic relief. But the exigiencies of travel (read: recuperation from a motorcycle accident) forced me to resume Middlesex and as it turned out, I was extremely glad I did so. I enjoyed Eugenides's modern take on the Greek mythological tradition, and the family generational saga structure. At first I'll admit I was somewhat befuddled by the Cal/Calliope, 'born twice' dichotomy, but I just went with it, confident that Eugenides would eventually set me to rights. And that he did. I came to appreciate the fluid narrative voice which slipped in and out of first and third person, and past and present tense. The slipperiness of perspective in the novel turned out to be a brillant device to capture the ambiguity of identity and gender as experienced by the protagonist. Eugenides pays a lot of attention to ideas like nature vs. nurture, accidents of birth, genetics. More than just chronicling a migrant family history in the style of a homeric epic, he's also chronicling the inception and progression of the random 5-alpha-reductase mutation that comes to define Cal's way of being. There's a lot of thought put into questions of genetic determinism and environmental factors and how these relate to the formation of identity and I found this more philosophical aspect of the story intriguing. I also loved the tone of this book- it's witty, sardonic and tongue in cheek which acts as a nice foil for the seriousness of many of the events and issues raised by the story. There's quite a bit of word play and metafictional referencing going on- Cal makes a lot of self-deprecating remarks relating his stylized Homeric narrative to his Greek genetic heritage; Cal refers to his financially inept brother only as 'Chapter 11'. The only change I might have liked to see made to Middlesex was greater development of the Julie Kikuchi character. I think the ending would have had much more punch if readers had known more about Julie and the relationship developing in the framing story of the novel.

2020-08-05 23:00

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